422 Players to become part of Vivo Pro Kabadi 2018 Auction Season VI

422 Players to become part of Vivo Pro Kabadi 2018 auction Season VI
Vivo Pro Kabadi 2018 auction
Vivo Pro Kabadi 2018 Auction Season VI
Riding behind 5 unprecedented sessions, VIVO Pro Kabaddi announces upcoming Season VI auction dates. The auction to be held in Mumbai on May 30 and May 31, 2018 will give testimony to the strategies to make the teams their strong team.

A total of 422 players will be drafted in the auction pool, out of which 58 are foreign players and 87 are nationwide talent scouting program, players of future Kabbadi Heroes Program (FKH). Auction will be a witness to the player's representation from 14 other countries including Iran, Bangladesh, Japan, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

The two-day auction will mark the first event for Season VI, franchises are coming together to build their own team. Of the 12 franchises, 9 have chosen their elite rated players and the remaining 3 will create their teams from scratch.

VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season VI team composition guidelines:

- A Franchise may choose between 18-25 players to form a team
- A team can choose up to 3 players from the Future Kabaddi Heroes 2018 programme
- If a team has 4 Elite Retained Players, they can exercise 1 “Final Bid Match” option in open auction
- If a team has fewer than 4 Elite rated players, they can use the 2 "Final Bid Match" option in the open auction
- Number of overseas players in a team may vary from 2 to 4
- The total salary purse available to each Franchisee is INR 4 Crores

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